How to Make Your Business a National Champion Brand

In the United States we used to celebrate out greatest companies. Well, if you have a business in China that succeeds beyond your wildest dreams, it will be considered a National Champion, that’s right, the Chinese love their top businesses, and take a lot of pride in their greatest companies. Here in the US we consider National Champion something for the top NBA, NFL, or top golfer. And it is a great title indeed.

But National Champ for a business, whooyah! That is really something, and I applaud the Chinese for their love of that capitalist spirit. Something the USA used to honor, but now the political climate seems to call our largest and strongest corporations the “evil capitalist corporations” providing an over regulation trend and negative connotation.

That’s too bad, and although Ayn Rand warned us that this would be our economic death-nail, we see the Chinese are busy proving her right, and leading by example, as we falter and forget what got us to the number one economic world super power status. Sometimes it seems we have capitalists in China, and Communists in Congress.

Until we start looking up to our capitalist entrepreneurs in a more favorable light, and until we honor that mindset, we are going to have fewer and fewer until then. Some may not see how serious an issue this is, yet, if they’d ever run a business, they’d have figured it out and completely comprehend what I am saying here. Please consider all this.